Strong Women Would Rather Spend Their Time Alone Than Waste Time With Assholes

Most strong women have been through enough crap in their lives to know it's too short to waste any of it with assholes. Strong women are the most underrated people, they don't believe words or empty promises, they believe in actions and promises being kept. They won't stick around and tolerate anything less at this stage, and why should they?!

If you're a strong woman or know strong women in your life, you know that they will be the first to tell you life is too short to be wasting time on assholes.

A strong woman knows that she can make herself happy and is whole on her own. A strong woman WANTS you in her life, but she doesn't NEED you in her life for her to be happy.

An empowered and strong woman values their time and effort and she knows there is no point wasting time or energy on assholes who would not match their effort. They would rather put mental, emotional and physical efforts into themselves than waste any of it into someone who would not appreciate her true worth.

They are remarkable individuals who love to help those who genuinely appreciate them however you can not treat them like a doormat.

A strong woman knows being in a relationship is not what it's all about, she knows it's good to spend time alone. By spending time alone she knows she can build a great life for herself without anyone else if she wants to. After going through the things she has gone through, she is a great judge of character. If someone is an asshole, she's not going to let them be part of her life. It's that simple. She won't give up who she is for any asshole, she knows her worth and won't except anything less. She is a strong, confident, independent woman who doesn't need to rely on anyone for her to find happiness in her life.

In life, we often settle for things that are less than what we truly deserve. It is important to remember your worth!

But this responsibility goes beyond being a loving and caring wife. For this same woman, the family wanted to go on a vacation. She had to spend days doing research on hotels and the fun activities to do. And when the material day arrived, everyone seems unconcerned, and they get upset when she loses it. Again, they cannot figure out why she is exhausted.

She even had to turn down tickets to go to an event outside the town – she could not imagine having to do all that planning.

Most people call this nagging, but it’s emotional labor.

Society seems to think that some responsibilities belong to the woman. And they are judged when they don’t do them.

The melatonin is also linked to physical activity, hormone levels, alertness, body temperature, digestive activity, and immune functions. Thus, light-sensitive people experience a direct impact on sleep patterns and energy levels.

Another reason why we experience a disruption in our sleep patterns is the use of artificial light. This light confuses our natural body rhythms if we’re absorbing both light types at the same time.

Because of this, you’re likely to feel irritated and perplexed due to exposure of the mixture of two light sources. You can even feel frustrated, unable to relax, or deep sleep.

But it’s very important not to put the focus on the fact that the teenager is upset. Instead, let them feel or know that they have a right to be upset, as that is the only way to get to a point where a solution to the problem would be welcome or even useful.

Overreacting will only make the crisis worse. So, when your teenage child is having a breakdown, it is not time to issue threats or ultimatums. Trying to offer solutions, however well-intended, will not help either.

Your child is not broken, he/she is slowly recreating who they are so that they can finally mature.

So, when you see a teen in a crisis, the first thing you should do is calm them down. Everything else comes later.