Science Says It's Healthier To Stay Single

Being in a relationship is great, but Science says you're better off being single. There's so much you can do; you'll save yourself from so much drama and heartache. I'm not saying all relationships are bad, but well, most of them are. When you're solo, it's good for you. Here's why:

You're more generous

One of the perks of being solo is you have so much time in your hands. No commitments and no stress. You have attention, money and time to share with those who really deserve it. In addition, you're probably on good terms with your parents since they have no one to dislike in your life.

You're healthier

'Single people die more miserable.' Do you believe this BS? On the contrary, most people in relationships die feeling stressed, and have anger issues. As a single person, you're safe from heartaches, headaches and many other stressful things. You'll stay healthy as you live your life the way that you want.

You're independent and happy

There's no joy in relying on a partner for everything; money being the main thing. As a single person, you can put your skills to good use and earn your own income. Independence boosts confidence and promotes joy and fulfillment. How's that for a benefit?

You manage your finances pretty well

With no commitments such as school fees for the kids or excessive shopping for two (or more), you've got enough money to spend, and you spend it well. It's very rare to have credit card debt while single unless you're an obsessive shopper, which is okay because debts are rare for you. Whether you want a new car or you wish to buy that cute dress, go for it! The cash is yours anyway.

You're less likely to be a drinker

Good times are what make life fun. If you enjoy a drink or two once in a while as a single person with your friends, don't beat yourself up. People in relationships tend to drink a lot and on many occasions. They drink either to drown out their sorrows or to gain the strength to persevere their dysfunctional relationships.

You've got the opportunity to grow

Relationships in most cases hold people back. People rarely discover who they truly are because they're busy being someone's lover, husband, or wife. Single people learn much more and determine who they truly are as people without any distractions.

Your sex life is on point

It can be a drag to be faithful to one person. The spark between partners is likely to end at some point, and they're likely to crave adventure. As a single person, while married people suffer from sexual starvation, especially in their later years, you've got the privilege of going out and having some fun as much as you want.

You're likely to be physically fit

Being single can be summarized as having enough time for yourself. You can use this time to exercise. People in relationships have so much to worry about, and most of them overeat, especially if they're married. Yet another reason to believe that being single is a blessing that not many people appreciate.