Say Goodbye To Sleep, AMC Is Showing All 22 Marvel Movies In An Insane 59-Hour Marathon

Spring is here, and with that, you get to look forward to cozier weather and enjoy the pleasure of getting out of work while the sun is out.

However, a few special (read crazy) people will not be enjoying this great weather with you or even join you as you retire to bed at the end of the day. They will be attempting to do the impossible by watching all Marvel movies back to back in a marathon that will last for two and a half days.

Marvel clearly understands its fans. Many fans of these popular sci-fi movies have little interest, if any, in the outdoors. Getting hours of sleep is not a big issue for them either, as they have little regard to regular sleep schedules. As you might remember, there’s a fan who watched Infinity War 100 times in the theater.

If fans can get this crazy about Marvel movies on their own accord, then it should not come as a surprise that the studio would make a marathon that puts true die hards of its films to the ultimate test. And it’s not like they can set the bar any lower, then the marathon wouldn't be challenging enough.

So, it should not be such a big deal that AMC wants its fans to sacrifice sleep and basic hygiene for a chance to win a prize.

Luckily, if you live near Alamo Drafthouse, you will not starve as they will take care of your feeding needs during the marathon. The chain is hosting an MCU marathon of its own.

These two marathons will begin with Iron Man (2008) and will end with Avengers: Endgame. That should come to about 59 hours and 7 minutes.

A pro tip - have plenty of Red Bull sitting around. Otherwise, you can grab your tickets from AMC’s website and the Alamo Drafthouse’s website.

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