Research Says Short Girls Are Angrier And More Violent Than Most

We all experience different emotions and feelings. However, research shows that short girls get annoyed easier and are more angered than any other people. Their rate of violence tends to be higher and more intense than others.

A few theories have come up that the effect of 'short man syndrome' has been evident among short women as compared with the tall. 'Short man syndrome' also known as Napoleon Complex, is the thought that shorter people seem to feel less strong, thus being overly-aggressive and with an aim to overcompensate their height.

Scientists have further studied and researched to prove that short girls are more aggressive. They settled on two individuals, with one given a quantity of money which they had to offer a portion of to a rival, even if the amount was zero. The shorter one among the two seemed to respond more aggressively when competing for a psychological test, bearing in mind that there were no repercussions.

Women will always want to be noticed or given attention among their fellow counterparts. Short women, on the other hand, will feel less recognized or unnoticed, and this triggers them into being more violent and psyched up as compared to tall women. In case you are wondering. The average height for a short person ranges from around 5 to 5-1/2 feet tall.

Today the aggressiveness among women isn’t any less often than it was some time back. In Dr.James book “See Jane Hit” he further mentions that cultural changes in entertainments and sports have stripped away girls’ inhibitions.  This means that within a given population, short women take part in leading tasks and coordinating better than others.

Two companies or organizations with female managers, one short and another one tall. The company under the management of the short female is likely to experience more conflicts and fewer understandings creating a wide gap between the manager and the employees as compared to the other. The short manager tends to prove herself more productive. Her aggression toward those working under her seems to be equivalently high with an aim to get more noticed and recognized. On the other hand, the tall woman makes fewer efforts to prove her presence with an assumption in mind that they can easily be recognized or noticed and claim no need for an audience.

The thought that 'short man syndrome' only affects men should be a thing of the past.

Aggressiveness and violence are evident in both men and women, but actually short women might appear more active, aggressive and violent as compared to short men. Women empowerment and the critics against male chauvinism have played a big role in sighting women to rise up more actively in society. Women take up roles that were less recommended for them in the past, and this has resulted in better unpredictable results and productivity.

However, the aggressiveness of short girls means they are more likely to commit an assault or harm others by use of the weapon as a means of shifting their anger. Today cases arise more often where more short people engaging in crimes and un-common behavior, as they settle into violence as the best way to shift their anger.

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