Rare Astrological Alignment January 17 Through 21 When All Planets Go Direct!

APDM is how it's referred to, That's an abbreviation of "All Planes In Direct Motion." It means five planets are in their natural home Star Sign.

The first astrologer to publish articles about the event was Stephanie "Wave" Forest, and she coined the phrase. "All Planets In Direct Motion" is when all the major planets are moving in direct motion, and it will last for just one month. During this time the Earth's perspective for a temporary time becomes just like the Sun's.

If you are ready to take on new endeavors, now is the time when you will be provided with the most energetic solar assistance through the vibrations of the solar system. This celestial event is seen as a fantastic time for good fortune, and a great time to take advantage of opportunities available to you.

So what is direct motion?

When a planet is going at its normal rotational speed,  the same as planet Earth's, this is what's known as "direct motion." As the name APDM suggest, the time frame between January 17th -21st is when not just a couple of planets will be in direct motion, but all of them will be!

How to use APDM to your advantage?

A great start to the year; it's a good time to be hopeful and to start any new adventures. If you're thinking about getting married, this is the perfect time for a proposal. If you want to start that new business you've been holding off on, now is the time to get the ball rolling on it. If you're going to start a new healthier lifestyle, you got it, now's the time to start! With the backing of this strong cosmic energy helping you, there couldn't be a better time to take that leap of faith and start making the changes you want to turn your life around and makes those improvements.

Whatever "it" is will have already begun on 1st January, for some others this process will have begun since December 1st, 2018. These effects will be life changing for everyone. It's a time when something unwanted comes to an end in your life and something new beings to emerge.

Whatever "it" is for you, has to be something that gives you hope for a better year/future once the past has ended — falling away to clear the path for good. This is notably true if the "past" thing has been draining on you, and putting obstacles in your way preventing you from moving forward with your life.

With the Full Moon being on the cusp, the Moon will be turned on to maximum strength. The Full Moon will be making sure you feel it.

This Full Moon is also the Super Wolf Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. I can't think of a better way to start the year, than with some powerful energy and support from some serious cosmic events.

4. You’re the caregiver type

In other words, you like to save people from problems. People come to you when they need someone to rescue them and you help them out every time.

5. You respect your word

While this is a great virtue, it makes it hard for you to change your mind, even when you should. To avoid feeling like you are a liar, you put yourself through situations you don’t like.

Being put on the spot makes it harder for us to define our boundaries. In our attempts to appease the person giving us their attention, we agree to things without meaning to.

But failure to have boundaries lets other people force us into situations that make us resent them. As long as you think having boundaries makes you rude, the wrong people will continue to put demands on you and you will end up resenting them.

You also need to stop equating having boundaries with lack of compassion. Instead, see it as a way to have self-respect. After all, you wouldn’t go around imposing responsibilities on people if it would make them uncomfortable.

Before anyone can respect you, you have to respect yourself first.

So, don’t be in a rush to give a response the next time someone asks you for a favor. Take your time and think it over and then give an answer you will not regret.

It’s okay to be honest about what’s not okay and what is.