People Who Are Always Tardy Live A Longer And More Successful Life

I think we all know someone who always seems to be running late. It could even be you - chronically late to meetings and appointments.

The world seems to agree that being late is annoying, rude, dramatic, and unprofessional, and it does not reflect well on those who are guilty of the habit.

But science has cast a positive light on this undesirable habit. As it turns out, people who are late have a tendency to live longer and become more successful in life.

According to a study, people who tend to run late on a regular basis are less likely to feel stressed, as they don’t obsess as much about keeping deadlines. In other words, these folks are more relaxed, and that brings with it many health benefits including reduced risk of depression, stroke, and high blood pressure.

One author, Diana DeLonzor, wrote that many late people also tend to be optimistic and unrealistic as they honestly believed that they can get more done within a shorter span of time. As an example, some of them believed that they can do anything from shopping for groceries, jogging, to taking their kids to school in just an hour!

If that sounds unrealistic, it does not feel so for people who suffer from chronic tardiness.

And it’s true, maybe they can do a lot in an hour, but that is usually rarely the case. They might recall a single incident where they did a lot of things in a short span of time, and they take that as their frame of reference for their future time management capabilities.

It’s this optimism that probably promotes their wellbeing and helps them live longer. In fact, 15 or 40 years later, these people were observed to have better health and a lower death rate.

On top of it, these people also have a thing for perfectionism. They go out of their way to ensure that whatever they do, whether it be in personal or professional life, is done perfectly.

Many people find perfectionists to be annoying, but this trait actually makes people more successful.

And it’s not that these people are lazy, or unconcerned with deadlines. Often, they are late because they try to do more in less time. Therefore, they get so consumed by what they are doing that they don’t even realize that a lot of time has gone by without their realizing it.

Tardy people naturally commit to tasks, and they are driven by a passion that inevitably makes them very successful at what they do. And many successful people in the world admit that genuine passion for life is a major determinant of success. They include icons like Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and even Oprah.

Another reason these people are always late is that they might have a different perception of time. To them, being late does not mean being rude or entitled, they just had other things getting in their way.

And given that they tend to live longer and become more successful in life, you might have plenty to learn from them if you have always viewed them in a negative light.