People Want A Reality Show Where Flat Earthers Hunt For The Edge Of The World

It is said that if you cannot beat them, you should join them; or, at least in the case of flat-earthers, indulge them.

The claim that the earth is flat is clearly one of the most ridiculous things some people have ever heard. But letting believers of the flat earth theory come together to form a live television show where they search for the famed edge of the earth would be even more hilarious.

Many people think that such a show would also settle this absurd debate once and for all. However, this might not work out as intended as some flat earth believers think that the edges of the earth are heavily guarded by the world's strongest military powers. To them, the earth is boxed within massive walls of ice.

This must be why some Reddit users recommend that these people be flown to the north and south poles where they can begin their vain search for the edges of the earth.

But such suggestions are starting to make it apparent that a television show for flat earth believers would be more expensive than they first imagined.

Obviously, the earth is spherical in shape, and there is overwhelming evidence of this fact.

But claims by some people that the earth is flat are logic-bending and baffling, and the object of many jokes.

The debate was, in fact, settled several years ago when Christopher Columbus went on a voyage that did not see him fall off the edge of the earth.

As far back as the third century, it is believed that people were well aware that the earth was spherical in shape. Several centuries ago, there was overwhelming evidence that the earth was round and not flat.

So, the fact that there are people today who think the earth is flat is baffling. And turning their misplaced believe into a reality show could make for a very interesting and unique form of entertainment for us all. If only this practical joke was more affordable!

4. You’re the caregiver type

In other words, you like to save people from problems. People come to you when they need someone to rescue them and you help them out every time.

5. You respect your word

While this is a great virtue, it makes it hard for you to change your mind, even when you should. To avoid feeling like you are a liar, you put yourself through situations you don’t like.

Being put on the spot makes it harder for us to define our boundaries. In our attempts to appease the person giving us their attention, we agree to things without meaning to.

But failure to have boundaries lets other people force us into situations that make us resent them. As long as you think having boundaries makes you rude, the wrong people will continue to put demands on you and you will end up resenting them.

You also need to stop equating having boundaries with lack of compassion. Instead, see it as a way to have self-respect. After all, you wouldn’t go around imposing responsibilities on people if it would make them uncomfortable.

Before anyone can respect you, you have to respect yourself first.

So, don’t be in a rush to give a response the next time someone asks you for a favor. Take your time and think it over and then give an answer you will not regret.

It’s okay to be honest about what’s not okay and what is.