New 'Halloween' Almost Had A Completely Different Beginning

Dr. Loomis the psychiatrist played by Donald Pleasence was a very important part of the original Halloween movie. He played a role in four more of the Halloween movies before he sadly passed on in 1995.

During the developmental stages of the newly released Halloween, David Gordan Green and his co-writers Jeff Fradley and Danny Mcbride originally wanted to put Loomis back on screen to start off the film. Using a look-alike to recreate the end of the classic 1978 Halloween film.

“There was a more involved Loomis notion in a couple of drafts that we did,” says Green. “At one point in the script, we had an opening setup that included the end of the original Halloween in a kind of aerial restaged version. Our art director, coincidentally, on this movie, looks exactly like Donald Pleasence. So, we were like, We’ll just get him to do it, and we’ll do this thing, and we’ll recreate it. Like, Who’s so lucky on their own movie set to have a look-alike of the guy from 40 years ago? [Laughs] It was actually Carpenter’s idea, saying, ‘You don’t need to get people up to speed like that. Just drop them in on your movie.'”

David Gordan Green did see to it that Loomis was featured in the new Halloween film. Colin Mahan, a comedian, was cast to mimic Loomis's voice in the movie.

“We had a voice-a-like, who was a stand-up comic, that used to do Donald Pleasence impersonations,” says Green. “One of our executive producers had just heard it randomly and said, ‘You’ve got to check this guy out.’ We thought, maybe just a little illustration [of Loomis], like one of the courtroom drawings, courtroom sketch, and then a voice-a-like to give us some consideration of the history and the character.”

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