Netflix Is Raising Its Subscription Prices

I love my Netflix and chill weekends, however, we’ve gone past strike number 3 and this is the 4th increase since 2010.

Netflix is raising prices on its most popular subscription streaming service to $13 a month from $11. While paying more is never fun, we should get ready for more Netflix price increases in the future.

Netflix has some of my favorite shows to binge watch. And don’t act like you’ve never done it!  We’ve all said ‘just 1 more episode’ till 3 am and seven episodes later.

Netflix better brings out all stops and be ready to WOW their customers to stay. Because with some competitors like Hulu, Amazon Prime and soon Disney plus, considering rate hikes customers will start looking elsewhere for their streaming service.

My loyalty is to me and my pocketbook not Netflix’s 19-BILLION-dollar business. I hope Netflix is making the right business decision and can absorb a possible hit.  I don’t think this little fish in the sea out of their 60 million plus customers would make a difference but I might not be the only one checking out competitor’s prices.

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