Life Lessons I Only Learned Because He Cheated On Me

A lot of women have suffered the tremendous heartbreak from this utter betrayal at some point in their lives.

You feel betrayed and distraught. All the time you spent with this person feels like a waste. You are not alone, and these situations can teach you lessons in life. Below are the things that I learned when I was cheated on.

I wasn't to blame.

At first, I felt like it was all my fault, questioning what I had done to let this happen. How I couldn’t see this happening right under my nose? The feeling of not being good enough started to take over me. I started becoming more insecure about my body, thinking it wasn’t attractive and it made him look elsewhere.

Those feelings quickly turned to anger when I realized I had given so much of me to him and he had betrayed me in the lowest of ways. There was nothing I could have done to avoid this. I felt powerless and unwanted, but I had to know that this was not my fault. It was the type of person who I was dealing with, and I couldn't change that.

Loving him wasn’t the mistake, thinking that he loved me was.

Healing took time.

Trust can take years to build but can be broken in just a moment. After dealing with this, I needed to take some time for myself. If the moment and situation demanded me to cry, then I listened to my body, and I let it out. I found that leaning on my family and my friends helped me get the support I needed. They allowed me to talk everything over until I felt like I didn't need to talk about it anymore.

I realized that I was holding on to the memories because memories are the only thing that doesn’t change when people do. If I have to beg someone to stay, then I now know that they do not appreciate or value me.

Working on myself.

Being cheated on left me feeling unloved and unwanted. My self-worth took a huge plunge, and I ended up looking elsewhere for validity. I learned that I needed to work on the person who needs love the most, and that’s myself. When I learned to realize my worth, it started my path to healing.

I took up hobbies and learned things that I have always wanted to learn.

We are the authors of our own lives, and it is time to create new chapters.

Things got better.

The closure of a relationship is not the end of the world. Although it felt like life was crumbling all around me then, now I can look back and see that it was just a short part of my life, and after everything happened, things worked out for the best.

Just because the last person I was with cheated on me, doesn’t mean that the same thing will happen again. Anyone has the power to cheat, but a man will came along that I truly trust will be faithful.

The world continues to turn, and it is up to me to create new experiences either on my own or with someone else.

She wants a man who reminds her that there’s no need to burden herself with everyone’s problems. That it’s healthy and okay to relax and let things be. And it’s good to enjoy life and her achievements without worrying about the things she can’t control.

She needs a strong-hearted man who reassures her that there’s no need to be hard on herself. She doesn’t need to strive for perfection all the time. She is good enough.

A strong woman wants a partner who understands that she’ll never ask him for assistance. She needs a lover who is willing to offer his help even without waiting for her approval. Although it might be unfamiliar to him, he needs to understand that she has been reliant on herself all most all her adult life.

But once he breaks through into her heart, life with her will be happy and simple. He’ll make her a better person, and be the man she has been waiting for.

She wants a man who understands that she can stand on her own even when he’s with her. But this doesn’t make you less valuable to her. She still wants you in her life.