I Have To Walk Away From You

Jonathan Daniels

How do you even begin to walk away from someone that you have given your all to?

I didn't realize that wanting you may not be what is best for me in this life. I have given you every part of me, and in the end, it still feels like you've given me so little. I never thought that it would come to the point where I am the only one who is trying to keep what we have built.

I have to walk away from you. I have to. I have to stop myself from wanting you because I know that you do not want me the same. The heartbreak that I have felt because of you is unbearable. I know if I stay that it will just continue. I have to walk away.

At first, we were great, but I don't think you thought about how things would be long-term. Maybe you just wanted someone to pass the time with, all while telling me your hopes and dreams for a future with us. I feel as if you were stringing me along like a little puppy dog, or like a toy you play with, as now I can't even get a hello text or a smile when we are together.

You come and go as you please, and your inconsistency in our relationship shows that you just don't feel the same about me as I do about you. What once was something magical between us has become so dim and dull.

With the loss of the emotion and feelings from you, I have decided that its best I walk away. I will pack up my bags, and tuck away the feelings that I have because I know that I deserve someone who will cherish all that I am and all that I have to offer. The time that I've spent with you I won't consider a waste, because you taught me some valuable life lessons; not everyone in this life will want you the same way that you want them and don't settle for less than you deserve because of emotions.

I haven't overthought this situation; I've rationally and clear-mindedly decided that continuing this with you will do nothing but bring me pain. I have worked too hard and sacrificed too much for us, and I do not want to live with any more pain.

It will take me time to move on from you, and maybe that's for the best. I will relearn and find myself so that I can make the right decisions for my future. You are no longer interested and have caused me too much stress, so for this, I have to walk away from you.

She wants a man who reminds her that there’s no need to burden herself with everyone’s problems. That it’s healthy and okay to relax and let things be. And it’s good to enjoy life and her achievements without worrying about the things she can’t control.

She needs a strong-hearted man who reassures her that there’s no need to be hard on herself. She doesn’t need to strive for perfection all the time. She is good enough.

A strong woman wants a partner who understands that she’ll never ask him for assistance. She needs a lover who is willing to offer his help even without waiting for her approval. Although it might be unfamiliar to him, he needs to understand that she has been reliant on herself all most all her adult life.

But once he breaks through into her heart, life with her will be happy and simple. He’ll make her a better person, and be the man she has been waiting for.

She wants a man who understands that she can stand on her own even when he’s with her. But this doesn’t make you less valuable to her. She still wants you in her life.