Are Cats Psychic And Able To See Spirits?

All animals have played a part in religious cultures, none more so than cats.

Ancient Egyptians especially worshipped cats, they treated them as Gods and don’t we know it, they still carry that “We are Gods” complex through to modern times. In ancient times the penalty for injuring or killing a cat was death.

It is believed that cats can fend of spirits that invade our homes or at least warn us of its presence.

You will find many homes have at least one cat in them, they are showered with love and in some homes are even viewed as the owner and the human is the pet!

Myths and legends are filled with stories of cats, and often you will read of cats being a witch’s familiar.

Cat owners have reported that their pets at times behave oddly, looking at something that can’t be seen by the human eye, this is perhaps as reported by Ron Douglas that cats can see UV light, which means they can see beyond what we can.

Does this mean their odd behavior is that they are seeing ghosts?

It has been reported by some that when a loved one has passed over their pet continues to sit in that persons favorite chair, and even behave as if they are being cuddled and stroked as they would have been when that person was alive.  For some this gives comfort, for others a feeling of fear of the unknown.

Cats thrive on set routines, feeding times, going out, coming home, so if your cat suddenly breaks its routine it could be a sign of distress or a warning something is in your home.

Cats are well known to warn of spirits, they meow loudly whilst staring at an empty space, their eyes wide and their fur on end, and you can’t see a damn thing, so are left wondering what did they see.

Cats are excellent at sniffing out negative unkind people, if they behave oddly when someone new comes into your home, pay attention, your cat is warning you they are far from ok to be around.

There is much we still don’t know, I always trust my cats’ instincts and behavior around people and when we are alone at home, so far she has never let me down.

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Another reason why we experience a disruption in our sleep patterns is the use of artificial light. This light confuses our natural body rhythms if we’re absorbing both light types at the same time.

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But it’s very important not to put the focus on the fact that the teenager is upset. Instead, let them feel or know that they have a right to be upset, as that is the only way to get to a point where a solution to the problem would be welcome or even useful.

Overreacting will only make the crisis worse. So, when your teenage child is having a breakdown, it is not time to issue threats or ultimatums. Trying to offer solutions, however well-intended, will not help either.

Your child is not broken, he/she is slowly recreating who they are so that they can finally mature.

So, when you see a teen in a crisis, the first thing you should do is calm them down. Everything else comes later.