An Open Letter To The Woman Who Hasn’t Been Herself Lately

Listen, life gets hard, harder. There are situations that might get overwhelming. But guess what? You have faced much worse than this. Do you remember how life hasn’t been just sunshine? Then, do understand that life hasn’t been just storms as well. Stop for a while and remember the toughest of times you’ve been through. No one would have done it better than you do.

You are made this strong to face challenging situations. It’s all about dealing with it. That wouldn’t change you, it shouldn't. Don’t let a situation or an external force have the power to change the strong you. You might as well feel like you haven’t been yourself lately. It is more like you are maturing by the mind, becoming more challenging and simply powerful. Remember the happiness you experienced before all these could happen. How blissful it was.

As a woman, no one other than you can understand how the mood swings can actually affect a person. Isn’t it a frequent thing? Does it mean you have changed? No. Remember no matter how much you face, how much you experience, your innocence stays. You haven’t lost it yet. You always have the option to take up, after which you will experience real happiness in life.

One day, you will understand that the situations may come and go, but your confidence remains. In fact, confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear. The world can be unfair, rude and perhaps the change could be all about how you have started perceiving your new circumstances in the world. This doesn’t mean the end of everything. This mere heartbreak cannot be the reason you lose yourself. You may feel so, but you never lose yourself internally. The essence of the innocent you is there, deep within.

Everything needs its recovery time. Every heartbreak, every fall, every bad thing gets recovered over a period of time. Trust how the time has healed you from your first heartbreak, first downfall. Trust that and as for now, put on a smiling face for the world, keep your head high and walk like you are still strong enough to face more. It is high time you stop pushing your horizons to impress other people. It is time to live the life you want to live. For all the things you have wanted to achieve, this is the time you start it.

The definitive personality works within you and trusts me when I say your personality is constant. In fact, such hard times help you become a better version of you and never less. The only mistake you are doing right now is giving up on your happiness. No, a heartbreak given by another person cannot be the reason you feel like you don’t deserve the happiness of life. First, learn to respect yourself. More than that, value yourself. Understand there is always a key to any door. Happiness is what shines from within and that glow cannot be ruined by anyone.

Look at the mirror, smile just once and look at how genuine and strong it is. Are you ever willing to give up on that? You silly! There is more positivity to life, keep walking and I promise, once this phase is over, you will shine brighter.