A Smoky Eye Made Easy

Always looking for that perfect smoky eye? Does one eye turn out Gucci and the other Wal-Mart?

This is one of the best tutorials I’ve seen. It’s more than a do this and get that look. There’s an explanation behind it and clear direction. It was also, nice to hear a reason why to choose a certain product and the benefits of it.

Now, I LOVE makeup but, seems I don’t always pick the right products. Next time I makeup shop I know what I’m getting.

Shawna gave me a lil more confidence to give that smoky eye one more try.  Watch how simple and effortless it really is.

Today's look! Thanks for watching!!!

Products used...

skincare is youology


touch glorious face primer

bb cream in honey

mineral touch skin perfecting concealer in satin and velour for highlight

moodstruck eye primer

brow obsession pallet in medium

pressed shadows in nimble, gingerly,legendary and optimistic

dip and draw eyeliner in perfect

moonstruck precision eyeliner pencil in perfect

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