5 Signs You're Not Meant To Be Together

People often fall in love with people that are not suitable for them. They never realize the signs that tell them it isn't meant to be until they're madly in love and they end up broken-hearted when it ends. While every relationship is vastly different, specific toxic signs that tell you it isn't meant to be, stay the same.

Are you falling for a guy/girl and wonder if you should pursue things further? Could the person you're taking an interest in be the one? If your relationship shows any or all of the following signs, it might be time to ditch it before you become too invested.

1. You sacrifice too much.

You find yourself giving more than you are receiving. You always plan the dates and make an effort to get together. You sacrifice your time and your money to please your partner, but you get nothing in return.

2. You argue too often.

Arguing in relationships is normal, but it's not normal to argue over every little thing. Fights start over small things and get to the point where you're arguing, but don't even remember what you're fighting over.  

3. You have different ideas for money.

You don't agree on how to spend your money. Maybe you want to save for big things later in life, and the person you like wants to spend money on fun things now. They put aside bills, and end up with late fees and cancelations to spend money on other things.

4. You don't have the same goals.

You are working toward something in life, maybe have a good job or are aspiring to have a career, but your partner doesn't seem to want to do much. You may not want kids, but they do. Any goals you have in life, if your partner wants the opposite, you may as well break up right now.

5. You don't connect emotionally.

Your love life in the bedroom might be fantastic, but you can't express yourself comfortably. You don't feel like you can act entirely like yourself. You find yourself diming your personality to please your partner.

If your relationship has any or all of the five traits listed above, it may just be time to pull the plug. Don't allow yourself to fall deeper into a relationship and become too devoted to something that will not work out, and end in your heart being broken.

A strong woman wants a partner who understands that she’ll never ask him for assistance. She needs a lover who is willing to offer his help even without waiting for her approval. Although it might be unfamiliar to him, he needs to understand that she has been reliant on herself all most all her adult life.

But once he breaks through into her heart, life with her will be happy and simple. He’ll make her a better person, and be the man she has been waiting for.

She wants a man who understands that she can stand on her own even when he’s with her. But this doesn’t make you less valuable to her. She still wants you in her life.