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F*ck Anyone Who Likes You But Not Enough To Commit To You

F*ck anyone who sees value in you only when he/she desires the attention. He is just a mean individual who thinks of you as more of a tool rather than an ornament.

How To Catch Him And Keep Him - 102

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The 5 Differences In The Way Men And Women Experience Falling In Love

Men and women enter into romantic relationships for a variety of reasons. While love is the glue that holds most relationships together, men and women experience it in very different ways.

The Right Person Will Enter Your Life In Divine Timing

While we all want to meet the right person as quickly as possible, the truth is that there is really no set time when that person will enter our lives. For some people, it happens when they are still young and but for others, it happens later in life. It’s all about divine timing.

How To Catch Him And Keep Him - 101

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