Scientists Back Ap The Ancient Art Of Smudging: It Clears The Air Of Bacterial Microbes And Lightens Unhappy Moods

Smudging is an ancient art of cleansing and purification. This ritual has been in existence in Native American culture for centuries.

I'll Never Let My Boyfriend See Me Do These Things No Matter What

To be honest, I feel very comfortable around my boyfriend. We are pretty open and we hardly keep anything from each other. But I still have some boundaries.

Having Kids Will Undoubtedly Make You Miserable, Science Says

Many people fantasize about building a family and having some kids. And this all seems beautiful when you imagine the quality time you will have with your family, and how you will nurture them into responsible and successful adults.

I Have High-Functioning Anxiety — Here’s What You Should Know About It

High-Functioning anxiety is an anxiety level that is less noticeable because we tend to act normal at these conditions.

To The Girl Who Grew Up Without A Father: You Are Loved

Girls who grow up without a father understands how life can be. And if you’re one of them know that you’re born with the strength to overcome any challenge that might come on your way. No matter how it hurts, you’ll survive it.

10 Ways To Detach Yourself From Someone You Can’t Be With

Love is not always fair and will not work according to our wishes or desires.

The More Ink Someone Has, The Angrier They Are, According To Study

Tattoos make you look like a total bada*s, which is why many people think they make you cool.

How To Recognize If You Are Receiving Divine Guidance & Protection

We all have intuition built in, whether we choose to tune into this abundance of information or not is up to us. Intuition is where we receive divine guidance, it's a sense that we can all develop with some practice and faith in it.

8 Reasons Why Your Work Buddies Are A Huge Blessing To You

Much of our time is spent in the workplace as we look for means to get by. As we meet new people in these places, we end up forming friendships with those who work beside us.

7 Reasons Why Having A Long Distance BFF Is Actually Amazing

Long distance friendship is boring.

5 Anxiety Attack Warning Signs That Are Much Harder To Spot Than Hyperventilating

Anxiety makes even the most basic of things seem overwhelmingly hard.

When The Mistake Of Your Life Leads You To The Love Of Your Life

One day, you will meet the person who will love you as you have always wanted to be loved.

Just An Ordinary Girl

There lives just an ordinary girl.

Rare Giant Equinox Supermoon March 20th 2019: Prepare For A Huge Energy Shift

With everything that's going on in the world right now, there's not a lot to be excited about. But the upcoming Supermoon on March the 20th is something to look forward to feasting our eyes on.

Stay Single Until You Meet The Person Who Does These Things

It is far better to remain single than to be with someone who stresses you, makes you unhappy or otherwise makes your life worse.

When A Man Loves You, He Will Never Stop Fighting For You

He does not mistreat you because he is exhausted.

Sometimes, God Breaks You Just So He Could Fix You

You have probably heard this a thousand times – everything happens for a reason.

This Is How You Lose Her Even If She Loves You With All Her Heart

The girl who loves you to bits will not ALWAYS be there if you fail to act right.

I've Finally Learned – We Weren't Meant For Each Other And That's Okay

I waited to see whether you’ll ever change.

Sorry But There Is No Room For You In My Heart Anymore

Some incidents happen in relationships for a purpose, I believe.