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Crossing paths with a narcissist is without a doubt one of life’s greatest challenges.

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There are a lot of terrible things human beings can do to each other, and ghosting is clearly up there if a list were to be put together.

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This Friday 19th April the second Full Moon in Libra is taking place, and this can mean a spell of significant changes and new possibilities.

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Empaths and narcissists are polar opposites of each other.

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It’s true that your heart has been shattered into pieces many times. You are probably even surprised that you are still standing after all the blows you have suffered.

Be Strong Enough To Walk Away From A Man Who Doesn't Deserve You

You meet all kinds of people in this life. Some will adore you and respect you, but others will treat you like you are a disposable toy.

The Final Goodbye – What Happens After You Leave Your Narcissistic Partner

It’s exhausting and stressful being in a romantic relationship with a narcissist. And breaking up with such people will be hard because they’ll cause mayhem when they leave you.

The Person Who Loves You Won't Keep You Guessing

The right person does not keep you guessing. The right person will always want you to know where the two of you stand. They will not want to have any of their intentions hidden because they want what’s best for you.

I'm Strong But I'm Tired To The Bone

I don’t have the strength anymore. I am not even sure where to begin describing my predicament. I am losing myself, and I can’t even explain how I feel.

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Your "I'll Love You Until..." According To Your Zodiac Sign

Love’s the purest magic. It can help you overcome tough obstacles and bring sadness and pain to an end. It’s a divine force which makes our lives happy and better.

Symbolism Of Your Birthstone And How It Reflects Your Personality

Garnet comes from the Greek word 'granatum' meaning pomegranate seed.

As A Single Woman, My New Goal Is Happiness, Not Getting Married

When you’re single, you may tend to feel that you’ll only meet your everlasting happiness after you get married. I also used to believe in the same notion.

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Positioning your items and things in a certain way around your home or office can result in a more significant inflow of money.

Why Every Woman Needs A Bitchy BFF - Hear Me Out

In the past, using the word 'bitch' was termed rude and unacceptable in society. However, that trend is slowly fading away.

I'm Slowly Learning Not To React To Everything Annoying Me

P.C Brunson in his wise quote said that you need to think once before acting, twice before speaking and three times before posting something on Facebook.