For the Women Who Hold Too Much

Parenthood can make you question a lot of things, and it can expose you to very diverse experiences as well.

An Open Letter To The Victims Of Narcissists

First of all, let me say that I have been where you are.

Smell The Flowers, Blow The Candle: 5 Ways To Introduce Our Kids To Meditation

Like me, you are probably deep into meditation. But I have noticed something else, my child wants to follow me to meditation.

Suicide Doesn’t Discriminate: 6 Warning Signs That Could Save Someone You Love

Kate Spade, a designer, took her own life last Tuesday morning. She used a scarf.

How To Love A Woman Who Travels

There is a lot of difference between a woman who travels a lot and any other kind of woman you will ever meet.

Do You Struggle To Sleep During A Full Moon? A Scientific Explanation

During the full moon, human behavior tends to feel different from the ordinary, according to science. At these times, we tend to get easily irritable, anxious, and experience changes in our sleeping patterns.

How To Help Teens Weather Their Emotional Storms

Few parenting challenges are as difficult as trying to deal with a teenager who is upset. It could be over a test or some other teenage crisis. But what’s more challenging is that, as a parent, you might not be in a position to offer the kind of support your teenage child requires at this point. You can easily make mistakes.

Women Do Most Of The Emotional Labor For A Family — And It’s Exhausting

Remembering birthdays, scheduling doctor’s appointments, matching the socks, packing lunches, and keeping everything in the home clean and organized is your job. You have to prepare meals and plan them out, and laundry duties are yours and no one else’s.

7 Signs You Need To Break Up With Your Partner Even If You Still Love Them

They say love conquers all, but there are also times when love is not all it takes. And if you are in a relationship where there is clearly some love, and yet it is not heading anywhere, the mature thing to do is to walk away and stop forcing things.

9 Things A Man Only Does When He’s Really In Love

What could be more beautiful than being in a relationship with someone who loves you? But after all those botched relationships, in which you believed it when the guy when he swore he loved you, you are not so confident that the man in your life today does.

How Souls Choose Their Families And Friends Before Birth

Here is what happens – your soul meets other souls again and again, and in the process, your soul grows and changes. The old soul gives way to the new, and that is just the way it is.

Men Are 6 Times More Likely To leave Their Wives When Serious Illness Strikes, Studies Show

Marriage vows say ‘in sickness and in health’, but reality tells a different story. According to a study, men are not particularly keen on sticking around when ill health plagues their partners. In fact, men are 6 times more likely to abandon their wives when serious sickness strikes.

Why “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Is About Feminism, Not Rape Culture

There’s an argument waging a Christmas song, or let’s call it a Holiday song, ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside,’ saying that it promotes date rape. Though the song is about feminism,

Why We Must Heal Ourselves First — Before We Become Healers, Teachers Or Mentors

I have lost count of all the times I have walked out of face to face sessions intended to help me handle my mental and emotional pain.

The Struggle We Can’t See: How To Support Our Friends With Mental Illness

Consider this scenario. You have planned a dinner with a friend, and are excited because it is happening at an amazing place that just opened. But as you get online to check out their menu, a message arrives on your phone.

10 Things To Do Before Our Whole Lives Slip Away

Most of us think we’ve plenty of time to live. What we don’t understand is that tomorrow isn’t promised. Some people will sleep today, but they won’t wake up tomorrow.

Why Hopeless Romantics Make The Best Girlfriends

While hopeless romantics might be seen as unrealistic and delusional, they can actually make incredible girlfriends. I know this probably sounds a little ironic to you since healthy relationships have to be realistic as well. But if you believe in true love, you will love the following things about having a hopeless romantic for a girlfriend.

Dumb Mistakes Women Make When We Like A Guy Way Too Much

For us women, and for the guys as well, I think liking someone means wanting to spend all our time besides them with the hopes that a relationship will form. But women can take things to ridiculously misguided heights; and here are some ways this happens.

For The Man Who Is Brave Enough To Love A Widow

If a widow accepts to love you, know that she’s the strongest woman you’ll ever meet. And to love a woman who has gone through the real darkness and the worst pain in life isn’t easy.